to REL or not to REL and much more

August 1, 2006

We have a live date for the corp site and that will be August 7th. So a snipp from the staging server is OK i guess.corpsnip

We are discussing the final services, for the show and when we will put the first services in Beta. My guess will be that the first beta will be launched before the show. The people close to our services are voluntary signing up for testing LOL. Will inform you soon about how you can join, or drop me a mail about this.

Feel free anyway to drop a line and i will reply when i can or are allowed to :p

We are also thinking how we will implement REL (tagging or what ever) into the services and <R will probably post his ideas around that very soon, but for now he is to busy getting the three new developers on track and implementing the webservices for the hardware boys.

And yes talking about the weather …. the heatwave is officialy over … hmmm bummer ..

I want to tell you more but some restrictions are also applying to me, but i hope DJNitts will soon post the first snip of the non Corp services .. yezzz



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  1. Testing? I love to test! Can I break things?!

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