China in your hands

August 20, 2006

DJJuice and Sperwin are in China checking the final boards, colors, buttons, mock-ups etc We have regular contact over Live Messenger/Webcam and it seems like they are enjoying their stay. Rumor is that there is no coffee in their office so we are very curious how long the good spirit will last.

Sometimes you/me forget that China is still a communist country … our blog and the service we and lots of other bloggers are using is banned from China, so DJJuice and Sperwin cannot post to this blog or follow our steps on Channel64. 

Chinese trick: DJJuice made this little clip with his phone and sent it through e-mail …



  1. Nice res!

  2. DJJuice,

    Success with creating history, It seems that commodore is really hitting the scene!!

    Thumbs up

  3. Commodore is history for the italian guys old like me (i am 36).

    Keep this nime high;)


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