Lots of boxes

August 22, 2006

DJ Juice still faces some real China censorship as he cannot use the blogging service. But almost realtime from China his post ….


Lots of boxes everywhere here in China. lunch boxes for only USD 1.00, office boxes too small to have your laptop on, living boxes too small to live in, Happy Meal boxes, this clown is everywhere. An interesting box you will come across the next period, our MediaBox. Small box with lots of nice things in it. Nothing to do with the dogs they are eating here or the pork meat you literally find everywhere. We will provide you with a nice menu, ala carte menu on tv!

DJ Juice  



  1. Looks nice, has something of the old CDTV to it …



  2. Commodore + Amiga, again, would be great. And there are already thousand of loyal fellowship wating for this.


  3. Anyone know what arch they are using for this box?


  4. Fantastic. I like the flat look of this box within the image.
    I think it can save a lot of space.

    Thank you for sharing this story from China with me !

  5. hi dammy,

    please give me more input on the arch question you have. Are you by any change visiting IFA this year?

    ps more picture will be online soon 🙂

  6. Very nice. 🙂

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