China and CE 6 and …

October 5, 2006

So after the vacation and deadlines are coming closer i will probably post some quick updates on this blog so you still know that we are here. Feel free to post comments as i read them pretty quickly and keep the blog alive. Graham suggested in a comment in About to offer some kind of Forum service is this something you would register for?

 Imm0 is on his way to China today to finalize the last bits and pieces. We hope he can blog directly as the last team over where not able to blog because of the censor on the server. Otherwise we will find a way to post his findings …

Now that Sperwin is back from China and he got some new stuff to do … porting the new and upcoming WinCE 6.0 to the Gravels. Very exciting stuff and the first screenshots are coming in over the email. More on that later.

 For some new 2007 Gravels we are talking to some new partners and Sperwin and myself will be visiting one of RnD sites later this month. Lets see when i post pictures if you can find who the potential partner is.

Tonight DJnitts and me are doing a presentation for one of our dev partners and think i can post some photo’s tomorrow about this event. Also Philips Research will be one of the speakers, very exiting to hear what they are up to and want to share …




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