Imm0 reporting from ShenZhen

October 13, 2006

Imm0 has the same issue with the Chineese censorship as DJJuice and Sperwin experienced.

SO here the first report ‘live’ from ShenZhen …


room with a viewI arrived in China last Friday to check up on the progress of our Gravel InPocket. I got the T2-tooling in my hand which again is a good improvement on the already very good T1 version. It is very nice to be over here and see how things work in China. Where we have about 15 people on 120 square metres, here they fit about 3 or 4 times as many people in there, all in their own cubicle. We are making big steps and are on schedule for our release. Everyday here I get more and more excited about the way a process like this evolves.. We starting with nothing and I am holding a close-to-finished sample in my hand now..

Here you can see a sample of the T2 tooling. We are not releasing it in Ip*d white, this is just the unpainted version. I will keep it as a limited edition J

As I had never been to China I am amazed by this land.. It’s fun, uncomfortable, weird, interesting.. It’s like the other side of the world!

Prices are just plain ridiculous here, you can be a king for like 20 euros a day. A 45 minute taxidrive is about 7 or 8 euros. In Holland I would be broke by the time I get out.. But for locals that is a shitload of money which is also uncomfortable, makes you feel like the white guy wasting money over other peoples back.

Now on the after-work-time, things are very different here. Explaining this is hard, they have a very different culture here, especially when it comes to women, something I could never get used to or maybe better don’t want to get used to.

Anyway, up till now this has been a very interesting experience, both professionally and private.

Your local ShenZhen reporter Immo



  1. Hi I cannot comment on other postings. There is no comment field. So I do it over here.
    YouTube is online now.
    The link to my weblog is not right.


  2. hi Hans,
    thats weird cos other people seem to be able to post. Is this since the new template? The link to your blog works also for me …

    shall we do coffee sometime again?

  3. I know this is a bit off-topic, but at least do your fans a favor. Name the bloody thing the Agima. No explanation as to the origin of that name!

  4. Ah I see what is happening. Under the postings on the hompepage their is no link to the commentssection. When i use the permalink of a posting it works fine.

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