Commodore Gravel In-Store

October 24, 2006

last week I walked into our boardroom with my colleague Martin and he showed me this great inStore promotion ‘device’. It was just a prototype but this was something that made my hart beat faster. At that time I didn’t had a camera with me and when I did the ‘device’ was gone again.

Today our friend DJNits sent me this picture of the in-Store device which will pop-up in stores pretty soon and you can play with the Gravels yourself before you drag them home …

Next time some of these devices are in the building I will catch any camera or phone and shoot some real pics ..

enough talk …. here it is …

Commodore Gravel in-Store




  1. that looks sweet.

    any chance it’ll see the u.s.?

  2. hi Pauligami,
    as soon as i have news on the US stuff i will for sure post it. You think US is ready for some real Commodorian devices?

    thanks for the comment :p Wait till you see the real pics …


  3. Nescio,
    Great that you have published the Gravel In-Store.
    Do you know it will be in the shops by end of November? Our team has been working hard to get it done for this ww introduction of Gravel and the CommodoreWorld site.

    Martin (a proud teammember!)

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