Final IFA 2006 coverage

October 27, 2006

today we received from our PR company the final cut from the IFA 2006 clip they produced. It gives at least for me a good view of the show and bring back lots of good and inspirational conversations and feedback we received.

Other news from the C= HQ is that I had a great gathering with HansOnExperience and we talked and shared visions for like an hour and a half and I’m sure he will post something soon on his blog. He gave me some good food for thoughts and that I need to share more what I envision with you and give you more insights in my head and not only on the concrete stuff we are developing NOW … And  I should add my avatar he said … so I will create one today …

so feed me :…




  1. It was good to drink coffee again. I posted some videothing on my blog. Those R&D guys are really cool and what a great screens they have. Must be fun to play with these bits and bytes.

  2. Me gustaria saber de commodore en los ultimos 24 años yo me inicie en la computadora a los 12 años con la commodore vic 20 y revisando un manual de 1982 hasta hoy me parece que todavia dificil pero a la ves muy claro para quien desea y le gusta la computación esta organización porque no se desarrolo como microsoft y porque en ese entonces era dificil y hoy es un poco complicado todavia.

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