Wifi hotspots etc

November 1, 2006

so the first two days of this week i had more than a pleasant visit from one of our potential partners in the Wifi and connectivity space. It was great exchanging ideas and visions on the one hand and get concrete work done on the two Gravel products that will hit the market soon.

 In this post I cannot disclose details about this meeting as we are still investigating the possibilities we want to do with this great technology, but as said many times before please share with me your ideas around our product features and in specific connectivity features as they can be very rich.

We discussed lots of possibbilities about using this technolgy and the Commodore share and personalisation DNA and are working now on some real cool features.

My next stop will be Germany this week where I and Sperwin (the guy who went to China) will spend the day at an RnD lab from a well know navigation company. I hope i can share more detail and photo’s from that meeting, but as many things we are doing are under these nice NDA’s i probably will be hold back by the NDA police ….



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