And an other week past …

November 9, 2006

the last post is already an other week old. Time really flies when you have fun and I dont know if fun is the right word but an experience for sure!

I visit Germany last week to visit our potential navigation partner and i spent couple of hours with 3 bright and experienced people from this exciting industry. We shared some ideas for our inCar and of-course spent time on the next next versions and where we want to bring sharing and personalization in the next few years. I cannot wait to have the first samples in my hand and put on YouTube, SOAPbox or other site. We have some ideas about sharing and personalization inCar but if you want to add your ideas …. you know the drill….

We also have meetings and conference calls with hardware partners this week and saw some very nice pieces of hardware that may be enhancing our hardware next year.

Yesterday we had our staff meeting with an update from the board and a nice buffet afterwards. Didn’t even tried to take pictures because of the famous NDA police … One of the presentations that where inspiring was the one from our Waheed that i will try to get on video any time soon to share. I just can say i can’t wait to see the dancing snow myself ….

I just got a YouTube from our engineers in Asia with a clip they are running on the inPocket … of-course its on YouTube and a bit crappy but the commercial is funny i think …

have a nice day!



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