Time is flying *** again ***

December 5, 2006

It is scary to see that the last post is almost a month ago. Its not that nothing is happening here and no news to write. I can say the opposite is the truth.

We finalized the software for the inHome and now the last pieces for the inPocket are of for mass production. The hardware platform was completely implemented last night and the final test and content feeds are coming in. Exciting times are happening again in the Netherlands and than i of course mean Sinterklaas celebration tonight :p

 Keep you posted when i find a pare moment behind my laptop(s).





  1. Sweet, now that you are ready to ship then we need another DTV unit to play with, please. I’m thinking one with a keyboard connection and serial port. Thank you. (I’ll take 10) Sorry about the one track mind. 😀

  2. More pictures , videos please !!

  3. You are constantly talking about launching this and that…but you are *** ***!!
    no products have ever reached the shops…there is nothing to be seen…you guys talk crap constantly.
    You are such enormous fake *** ***!! You are an embarassment to the Commodore brand name!!
    I wonder what you will tell the world at CES this time…shameless *** ***!..or are you too scared or poor to go this time? Misleading the shareholders…it’s absolute fraud…and at CES2007 this will be known to the world.

    *** ***!

  4. How sorry that Dick doesnt leave his real email address so i could sent him some real pics.

    Dick if you are close to the Netherlands feel free to contact me and i can show you around.

    Visit http://www.hansonexperience.com for some footage.

    have a nice day!

  5. Don’t be discouraged by trolls on the internet, they are lamerz. I will pick up one of these if it makes it to north american shores.

  6. Hi Gannondork,
    thanks for your support and the same invitation for a visit to our labs is for you. Must warn you that it’s pretty wet now in the Netherlands ;p

  7. Dick are you ATARI user? 🙂 Dick XL/XE/ST ?

  8. He probably sleeps with with his ST. I only have 2 CMD’s in my bedroom and one is a dead PC10 that I use to hold the door open. 😀 (it’s better than the landfill)

  9. There, much better.

  10. I agree with the 64DTV-Open … but it should be possible to provide a unit that is not very expensive to produce and still encourage the development of a lively “extension” aftermarket.

    After all, this is where the profit lies. Once it is possible to download programs from the internet to run on the 64DTV-Open, it leapfrogs all the other DTV type units available and becomes established as a *platform*.

    The key is to produce the DTV2 board with a standard embedded connector bringing out useful lines, like a PC/104 40 position, 0.1″ pitch, to ensure ready availability of connectors for the aftermarket. That also makes it easier for a single run of boards to be used in devices of multiple configurations.

    In addition to the IEC and PS/2 keyboard ports cleverly smuggled into the original 64DTV, the most attractive modern interface bus for what is essentially an embedded controller is the SPI synchronous serial bus. A variety of I/O and microcontrollers can communicate on an SPI bus include microcontrollers, including SPI to USB and SPI to RS-232C bridges.

    One thing to note is that this implies the opportunity to use modern Commodore gear as a librarian for the classic 64DTV.

    An additional attraction of the SPI bus is that it can be provided on the stock C64, at 250 kilobits per second, so that devices produced for the 64DTV expansion bus can be used directly by original 64 computers, which then means that the hobbyist aftermarket can produce devices that can be used interchangeably by a C64 or a 64DTV-Open.

    An SPI bus could be brought out on a DB-9 female connector, with GND, +5Vcc, MOSI, MISO, CLK, and, via the UserPort Parallel bank, Select1-Select4. Any device would treat Select1 as its select pin, for direct connection to the 64DTV-Open, while an expansion hub would bring out each select line in the Select1 position. And of course there are four more select lines available for use internally or with aftermarket modifications.

  11. you need to hire Bruce, please. I’ll pay his first weeks salary 😀

  12. Hi Bruce,
    thanks for you lively input on this blog and its very much appreciated. As i told Steve on an other discussion on this blog our platform will be open for developers to program agains and i’m thinking of some kind of certification by us to offer a distribution platform with software developed by you guys/girls …

    sounds like a plan 🙂

  13. just show me a movie clip with an actual working device…and i’ll shut up.

    just show a real working product…nothing more…nothing less.

    come on…bring it on!

  14. sorry Dick again to busy today but i hope i can shoot one as a xmas gift for you before the weekend …

  15. Oh I still believe, I’ve never seen santa claus but I know he is real. 😀 He got me a vic-20 in 198(something)

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