Commodoreworld hits private Beta!

December 14, 2006

After months of internal testing the Cworld services we sent out invitations to a group of private beta’s today and hope to offer more logins in the coming weeks ….

maybe an idea to do some kind of registration for the next invitations. Maybe we will offer this first to the Dutch crew ….





  1. Where went the old blue and red logo? I liked those colors! @_@

  2. Hi Cheery,
    the branding dept went back to the roots of C= and since some months we are back in Black 🙂 Looks very kewl! on the devices…

  3. Why black ? White color is better

  4. where are pictures or movies of a working product!! not mockups or anything…just show us an actual 100% working product…that’s a simple question right?…I mean it’s almost 2007 and you should be finished by now.
    you say you have a working product…beta, but still good enough for me…well come on then… make a movie of a working device….with actual working connectivity and everything that this product is supposed to do.
    show us!..don’t fake it…just show us in a clip that it works.

    one thing is certain, christmas season 2006 and there is still nothing in the shops!

  5. you will see why its black on the new devices 🙂 and for Dick i will try to shoot a video today or tomorrow and will post this one if i can pass the NDA police otherwise just pics. Dick are you moving from France to the USA or just by accident …

  6. For me Giana Sister 3D on Gravel – video please 🙂 or /|\ ATARI EMU with ugly-green-desktop for Dick :p.

  7. working on the Giana Sister stuff but more on that later :p … Atari i need to have more thinking about and still need to find the time to shoot that video for Dick … i do my best ….

  8. What are those devices you are currently developing and what can people do with them?

    What kind of architecture does they use and what programming languages you support in them?

  9. nescio…ofcourse you are the busiest man around but are you really saying you can’t find 10 minutes of your very valuable time to shoot a 30 sec movie where you switch on the device and make connection through wifi with whatever content available?

    I don’t get it…if you are so happy with what you are doing…you would be thrilled to send a clip of the product…in fact you would have stacks of clips of the product…and show it to the world!!

    I am not trying to piss anyone off….but I have been waiting since CES for a product…and nothing has come out of those promises…only words and more bold statements…and it’s starting to get ridiculous and a disgrace to the Commodore brand we all cherish!

    Please prove me wrong and show us a movie where you demonstrate the product and ACTUALLY make connection through wifi and get content on the device. I would be astonished and thrilled! if you would have that technology ready.

  10. Hi Cheery,
    the products we are working on now to be released soon are a PMP and a STB which will give you access to the also to be released Commodoreworld. You can use your devices as any normal mp3/mp4 player or Mediacenter but through Wifi you have access to a complete music and TV, Video etc database where you can listen, watch and share your music, photo’s etc with yourself on the road but also with your friends.

    Ofcourse we are also working on more devices but these are still very NDA but will find there way to this blog ltr.

    We use C++ and C# on .NET CFW and we allow other programs to be installed on the devices and offer Webservices where you and others can develop custommade applications against.

    have great days!

  11. Dick,
    i made a 3 minutes clip for channel64.net and that takes more than 30 seconds. I had to shoot it from my phone etc convert, nice music under it to make it extra special for you :p

    It will be up soon on the main page.

    merry xmas,

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