Commodoreworld and inHome shoot

December 22, 2006

Just before we hit the Xmas weekend and after my first Commodore Xmas Party last night ….. on great demand a shoot of Commodoreworld.com and a working inHome.

 I took the Nokia of Imm0 shoot some clips, sometimes its not that sharp but its working.

You see me login to the Commdoreworld BETA site, check my profile and devices. When my device (the inHome) shows as active I turn on the device attached to our HD Flatscreen and browse the Commodoreworld on my TV. I watch the news, browse music, watch photos and a clip of George C.

All this content you see is not localy stored, but comes realtime from the Commodore Media DC into the building (or your house) over IP.

Next time i will show you how the sharing of playlists with your devices and friends will work on TV and on the Road.

Merry Xmas,




  1. […] Original post by **** SEE YOU THERE **** […]

  2. Gravel inHome is similar to Amiga CDTV .

  3. Wow. That’s great!!

  4. Why Windows CE 6? windows media center is better!

  5. Hi Ony,

    this STB is not a MCE because we are developing different kind of products than a standard MCE device. But share with me your love for MCE did you also tested the Vista version yet?

  6. Just saw the new CommodoreWorld website, it looks great! Congratulations to the CommodoreTeam.

  7. thanks Rene!

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  9. thought is for everybody simply a whole lot better . an outstanding job enjoyed it

  10. Hey Betsy, Well done!Thats quite civilized, having a pace goal that you try to stay above (slower). It that how you maniacs manage to survive doing frequent marathons?Your hubbie is a hero for even trying two BQ attempts in a month. Wow. He surely deserves to nail down that BQ soon!

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