NescioInHome clip

January 1, 2007

Nice feature of Live Writer :p a Virtual Earth insert of my inHome. Now you can see where this clip is shot …

but back to the reason for this post … Gravel inHome at my place …

after trying to shoot the clip with my Lifecam on XP the result was very bad. On suggestion of PI I download a screencapture tool for the Vista clip, but when I combined the recording from my camera and the screencapture moviemaker did some weird stuff with the output.

But after some creative moviemaking I got one clip. The result is still not Scobble quality, but hey its January 1st :p

If you have questions about the clip just drop a comment.




  1. How to SIGN IN on soap box?

  2. hi Ony,

    it should now work through the youtube account. I will take a look why soapbox dont work, maybe cos im beta testing it and its not open.

    but thanks for mentioning it.

  3. So…it’s now 2007. I have seen a movieclip but this is not a clip of a gravel handheld which makes connection through wifi…ánd really works.

    Or am I mistaken? I only asked for a movieclip of the gravel, which is supposedly already shipped, that demonstrates that it actually works.

    Again, I am not trying to piss anyone off….but why not just tell us what’s going on.

  4. Can I explor WWW or My Email on Commodore inHome?

  5. Hi Dickster,

    Happy New Year for you and your character this year!

    I was testing the final inHome in my home. The application and services are the same only a bigger screen so it was better for shooting this clip.

    I will try to find some time next week to shoot an inPocket for all of you, but i leave for the US the week after but will try to post a clip asap.

    Dick please tell us who ‘you all are’ that i need to explain to what’s going on.


  6. Hi Dickster, I appreciate that you’re so anxious and I think lot’s of people in the market with you! Thanks for that. I can assure you that we will make all those people happy. I just streamed over WiFi in China a regional Dutch tv channel on a GIP… Don’t be afraid, we will manage! Nobody does, we do…

  7. Mr juice that’s great news!
    It’s wonderful that the product works,…show us then (in small clip) that it works…please!

    You just streamed from China, so that means that you have one working product in your posession…start your camera and show us that commodore is on the ball.

    mr juice….have you checked out the CES???
    Everybody is doing it…you’re not.

  8. It compliments for the products commodore.

    I like products amiga….my favourite amiga is 1200

    I love


  9. That’s some pretty cool stuff.

    By the way, which house is that map pointing to? That map is too blurry, so I zoomed into the same location in Google Maps. It’s about 60 times more zoomed-in than in Live Search.

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