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February 15, 2007

it’s been a hectic couple of months in and outside the office. Commodore people went all over the world making partnerships, deals and products.

Today we went live with the beta release of Commodoreworld and a press conference in a studio in Amsterdam. DJjuice was on the dutch radio this evening and can be heard in dutch here (Windows Mediaplayer via BNR.nl and thanks to DJ Trab).

Soon more …




  1. “Gravel Packs

    Because you already know what you like to watch

    CommodoreWorld offers special tailor made packages for users who know exactly what they like to watch on their Gravel device. These Gravel Packs offer combinations of videos and TV channels in different categories such as Sports TV, Music TV, Kids TV, ADULT TV, Special Interest TV, National TV and more.”

    ADULT TV ?????? Commodore !! are You MAD????!!!
    Pornography offends man’s dignity.


  2. Hi AP,
    i fwd your request for the right department.

  3. ummm okay get a life.

    Commodore has a great pr0n history


    If you can’t handle porn then well… Then go buy a video now.

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  5. Go away spammers. This is for Commodore’s not SPamaBOtadores.

  6. I was wondering how you guys think about the possibility of the Gravel devices being hacked and made to do other things (emulate the C64 for instance). I think it needs no explanation that the Commodore followers of “the old days” love the hackability the Commodore machines offered. I sure hope the Gravel won’t be closed, and I am curious what OS will be running on it. Are you planning to release something like this yourself? I’d love to hear your point of view on this.

  7. Hi C64 Guy,

    the current OS is WinCE 5 with NMD featurepack. The open and closed discussion is still going on internally. But as soon as the device is hacked its open, right? Do you ideas what you would do when your Gravel is ‘open’?

  8. Hi Nescio, thanks for your response. It’s good to hear you’re at least discussing this internally! I have no concrete idea yet for the things I would want my Gravel to do, as it sounds very complete already for it’s goal (playing media). Usually those ideas come after a short period of normal use, when you start thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool if it could do this or that?”.

    But emulators (if the inPocket would take user input to emulate joystick or keyboard?) or an open accesspoint scanner would be obvious, if you follow my line of thinking.

  9. Personally, I never use more than a single link in the comment

  10. ( http://www.commodorecorp.com/corporate/products/02+Hardware.aspx ) – “…new generation of the Commodore 64 joystick, which adds game download functionality to the features that made its predecessor famous (direct connectability to TV and PC).” – Please more info about this !!

  11. Hi Anti,

    the devices we will bring to market today are a PMP and a STB, no new joystick (yet??). Are you a big fan of the joystick?


  12. If he isn’t I am, I own 8 of them, some original some modded. I’d really like to see a new (cheap) c=64 console type unit come out. Though I’d buy the set top if it was available in a store (in Canada) Though the new gaming rigs are nice, I don’t play those kind of games (new ones) 😀

  13. When a C200 will be available in online store?

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  15. damn all these beautiful gir. Martino Heino.

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