Busy not blogging

June 7, 2007

what excuse can you make about not blogging such a long time …. probably nothing.

So what happened. We launched two products, inHome and inPocket in the Netherlands. We got a lot more people on board and developing the new Commodoreworld and Gravel products.

We also closed some nice partnerships and one of them will be announced I guess next week and is a really kewl complementary product. I will post more about that when it is official.

With the TU in Delft and more specific the Tribler team (www.tribler.org) we did a small project where the inPocket connects to your Tribler client on your PC over wif. The results are lists with content and information about what files, seeders etc are shared in the Tribler cloud. The completion of this project was two weeks ago when Tribler and partners hold a nice launch event in Amsterdam around their new version 4 and the next P2P …. Will catchup soon for new ideas.

Yesterday I was invited at the Dutch final from the ImagineCup www.imaginecup.com. Six teams from the different Dutch universities presented there solution for around the theme education. All solutions were build on .NET and most of them also used Silverlight www.silverlight.net technology that looked very nice. All smart kids in one building … it was hard not to hunt them for a kewl job, but maybe a nice research project later this year. I guess Microsoft will post some clips on the website as they filmed the whole event yesterday.

Next week I’m visiting the Devdays in Amsterdam RAI and maybe Remix also in the RAI if you are also there and want to catch a coffee just mail me.





  1. Glad to see you update, I (obviously) check frequently. I hope that you have more C=64 products forthcoming but I would be happy to see anything with the chickenhead on it in any brick and mortar shop on these shores (I’m Canadian) 😛

  2. Hi Gannondork,
    i dont know the planning for the Canada stores, but you can see some nice pics en clips at http://www.commodore-gravel.com if you dont know that one yet.

    Or visit Europe this summer and take one as i did with the Zune :p


  3. Hello nice blog! !!
    It’s my new page.about pens.

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