Gold Partnership

June 25, 2007

Mr IT Shevan Gorky after developing and implementing our services and applications on the Microsoft platform (Windows 2003, SQL2005, Windows Media, C# and ……….) we became a Microsoft Gold Partner today.

The new and soon to be released Gravel Updater application is certified for Vista and by passing that test we received more than enough partner points for the Gold status.

Thanks to our developers and certified IT staff we have the Gold status, a ISV software- and Custom development solution compentency …dus….

Good work boys and girls!




  1. Hmm that is odd, I just got out of the psych ward and read on here that M$ is working with C=. Maybe I need to go back.

  2. Ummm I mean CONTGRATS!!!!!

  3. What is Commodore answer on Apple’s Iphone?

  4. Reading this, I wonder if you (Nescio) would be able to help the community get it’s hands on said chips to use in a new commmodore project.


  5. Hi ..
    Sorry for the late reply. I was enjoying a great vacation in Italy.

    personally I think of the phone as a must have a few months ago, but know the specs are known I don’t think I can go back with all the umts, wifi, IM etc and go back in time. So I guess I wait for another version.

    The chips you are mentioning I cannot say anything about but for the games they will come to the gaming pc’s and other devices…

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