Commodore and Tulip talking

September 27, 2007

will not spend to many words, but incase you missed the news! On www.commodorecorp.com and www.tulip.nl you will find the two press releases about this possible acquisition.

On request I’m making a new clip about the C= HQ and will post this clip later today!





  1. So what is the story now? Commodore was sold to Tulip, who sold it to yearhmedia(spelled wrong) and is now selling back to tulip? Is that correct?

  2. It’s a shame 😦 I really hoped C= would restart after Yeahronimo bought the trademark and logo and so on. When I saw reportings from CeBIT 2007 and their stand I thought “oh my gosh, they’re back!”, but nothing happens! Here in Italy is very difficult to find Commodore products…the Navigator Combo doesn’t seem to come out any soon. Is it going to stop also this time? Is really C= and its way of doing things really doomed to be history?

  3. Bankrpcty again? 😥

  4. Any good news about this topic?

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