Youtube browser

October 15, 2007


Bart B. from our dev team delivered this weekend the alpha version of a Youtube browser for the Gravel products. The cool thing is that you can ‘browse’ the Youtube cataloque on your TV or  inPocket, with the good old joystick

He shot a small clip so I can share this with you!

Also check out Bart his clip where he shaves his hair while riding his bike. What can I say 😉






  1. Thanks for these films….but where is the video from Commodore Gaming :p 😀 ?

  2. Can you tell me how I can get gravel products in the US? Also what OEM Hardware or Commodore World type partnerships are available for media companies? Thanks

  3. Why on CommodoreGaming webpage I see “Happy Holidays”? There should be “Merry Christmas”!!! Commodore are You the slave of political correctness?

  4. Hi Jason,
    the product will launch in EU first, as far as I know ofcourse 🙂 Please let me know what ideas you have around the partnership. Mail me direct on hendrik @ channel64 dot net.

    Hi adversushaereses,
    I will fwd your comment to the gaming team LOL
    have a great day!

  5. This is old News now.
    What’s up for 2008????

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