We are here to build with you a place where we can share ideas, visions, code, video, brains etc ….

Suggestions are more than welcome …..


Current ideas;

– add Video

– add Forum

– Create Tech and Less Tech version :p


  1. Wow man, frickin’ great channel yous gots yerselves here man! 🙂 Looking good!

  2. Commodore in Germany. When in Poland ? 🙂

  3. Any plans to show off the C= line of x86 systems running AROS? AROS is a open source OS that is ment to be compatiable API with Amiga OS 3.1. AROS hardware support is mostly x86 but a AMD64 version is do out shortly.

    No, AROS is not affiliated with Amiga Inc nor any of their associated contracted third party corps.

  4. I was wondering if you could be so kind as to divulge any information regarding the new dtv’s
    mentioned on your corporate site, if you were to be
    so inclined I would be forever in your debt.

  5. hi damocles and others .. sorry for the delay. Busy days again … We are not planning for a line of x86 systems yet. But as you maybe now some of our devices will be based on intel platform and maybe you can run aros on these. We will keep our devices pretty open and will deliver sdk’s so you can develop your own stuff for your devices and share these.

    Gannondork can you please send me the link to the specific page you refer to.

    ps i’m on vacation till beginning of october so will be offline for two weeks ..


  6. Gaming
    Commodore International Corporation develops and delivers a wide range of game products and services through Commodore Gaming, its strategic partnership with The Content Factory. Products due for release soon include a new generation of the Commodore 64 joystick, which adds game download functionality to the features that made its predecessor (C64 Direct to TV) famous (direct connectability to TV and PC). Other products in the pipeline include game consoles for use with mobile phones.

    It is on the commmodore coporate site. Thanks for any info 😀

  7. hey, is this coming to US? and if so, when? and when will we know pricing? and why is there a password for the video section?

  8. Hi,
    we will come to the US next year 🙂 We will open a new video site soon. Any input from you is welcome.

  9. thanks. input…not really, it looks like you know what you’re doing. looks great though. i’m excited. i guess flash games would be fun. and more pictures on the site… keep it up!

  10. sweet, I hope you haven’t forgotten about old me, I was wondering still about the new dtv, hope you had a fun vacation 😀

  11. a the direct to tv stuff. We will launch the Gravel in-Home which will be hooked up to your TV and we will open the platform so you can develop or install your own or others features. About the new hardware from gaming is not something i’m working on but if i hear something i will post it :p

  12. Thank you, I was hoping that the corporate site had been right about the new DTV but I guess it was an overzealous webmaster 😦

  13. it still can be right but not something i’m working one right now. Maybe share some suggestions what kind of new DTV you would like to see …

  14. This is really exciting! I have been exploring everything with the new Commodore sites. What I would like to know is there anywhere a person can register with a forum on the new sites?

  15. Hi Graham,
    would you like to have a forum on channel64 where you can post and discuss different topics?

  16. Well I think that a new DTV with a built in flash card reader would be great. I don’t know about you but I think that a DTV that you could attach a USB keyboard and a SD card too would be a big seller to the retro computer section of the demographic. Imagine the C64 back on sale after how many years off the market. As you guys probably already know (obviously) the DTV circuit board contains everything you need to do it except the memory card interface…. Anyways I’d buy 20 if they came out like that, I have a dozen DTV’s as it is 😀

  17. I think a forum on channel64 would be great! I’m sure it would be a hit!

  18. I talked with some folks internal and i will pick this up when i find the time LOL thanks for your input Graham

  19. Thankyou Nescio, that sounds great. I am quite eager to find out the distribution of the new products, I read somewhere the Towers were built here in South Africa, so I’m hoping we also see the new products here when they launch.

  20. i cannot tell you anything about the distri. Im no sales :p

  21. how come we can no longer access this section from the main page? The html or xml or whatever seems to be messed up.

  22. Hi Gannodork,

    yes you are right we changed the CSS to get a better experience on the main page. Thanks for telling me this. I hope anytime soon we will be able to start our own blog hosting.


  23. Personally, I never use more than one life on this if I understand this correclty. I just wonder why so many do not understand how this is. I guess that is the beauty of it all. Good post though!!

  24. look forward to the release in the US. This product seems promising. Would love to beta test as I’m a freelance GUI designer.

  25. Hi Xerxex,
    like the design your a doing. Great site :p It looks like you hangout in the DC area. To bad i’m visiting Seattle next week …


  26. I’m just learning to blog. Interesting comments.

  27. I found your blog very interesting,just setting mine up.hope it does as well as yours

  28. i love your blog

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