Gold Partnership

June 25, 2007

Mr IT Shevan Gorky after developing and implementing our services and applications on the Microsoft platform (Windows 2003, SQL2005, Windows Media, C# and ……….) we became a Microsoft Gold Partner today.

The new and soon to be released Gravel Updater application is certified for Vista and by passing that test we received more than enough partner points for the Gold status.

Thanks to our developers and certified IT staff we have the Gold status, a ISV software- and Custom development solution compentency …dus….

Good work boys and girls!



Channel64 1st mashup

June 7, 2007

I’m testing the popfly.com program, its an online mashup creator. Idea is a bit like pipelines from Yahoo but than way easier. And I made my first channel64 easy mashup.

its a newsreader with the title and first lines of each blog on channel64. I will embed this one but its also available as gadget here.

*update* no embedding tags in this blog i see, you can also check it out on my space.



Busy not blogging

June 7, 2007

what excuse can you make about not blogging such a long time …. probably nothing.

So what happened. We launched two products, inHome and inPocket in the Netherlands. We got a lot more people on board and developing the new Commodoreworld and Gravel products.

We also closed some nice partnerships and one of them will be announced I guess next week and is a really kewl complementary product. I will post more about that when it is official.

With the TU in Delft and more specific the Tribler team (www.tribler.org) we did a small project where the inPocket connects to your Tribler client on your PC over wif. The results are lists with content and information about what files, seeders etc are shared in the Tribler cloud. The completion of this project was two weeks ago when Tribler and partners hold a nice launch event in Amsterdam around their new version 4 and the next P2P …. Will catchup soon for new ideas.

Yesterday I was invited at the Dutch final from the ImagineCup www.imaginecup.com. Six teams from the different Dutch universities presented there solution for around the theme education. All solutions were build on .NET and most of them also used Silverlight www.silverlight.net technology that looked very nice. All smart kids in one building … it was hard not to hunt them for a kewl job, but maybe a nice research project later this year. I guess Microsoft will post some clips on the website as they filmed the whole event yesterday.

Next week I’m visiting the Devdays in Amsterdam RAI and maybe Remix also in the RAI if you are also there and want to catch a coffee just mail me.




Welcome back …

February 15, 2007

it’s been a hectic couple of months in and outside the office. Commodore people went all over the world making partnerships, deals and products.

Today we went live with the beta release of Commodoreworld and a press conference in a studio in Amsterdam. DJjuice was on the dutch radio this evening and can be heard in dutch here (Windows Mediaplayer via BNR.nl and thanks to DJ Trab).

Soon more …



Gravel inPocket Sneak

January 13, 2007

I know lots of you are waiting for this one, some more patiently than others. But DJjuice just send me the clip he shot of the inPocket browsing through the services, connecting to our Broadcast Media Services and streaming a clip from the Dutch Broadcasters over Wifi to his device ….

And see no strings attached …




NescioInHome clip

January 1, 2007

Nice feature of Live Writer :p a Virtual Earth insert of my inHome. Now you can see where this clip is shot …

but back to the reason for this post … Gravel inHome at my place …

after trying to shoot the clip with my Lifecam on XP the result was very bad. On suggestion of PI I download a screencapture tool for the Vista clip, but when I combined the recording from my camera and the screencapture moviemaker did some weird stuff with the output.

But after some creative moviemaking I got one clip. The result is still not Scobble quality, but hey its January 1st :p

If you have questions about the clip just drop a comment.



Gravel inHome @ Nescio inHome

December 31, 2006

with an extra long weekend ahead I took one of the latest inHome devices with me after the friday ‘borrel’ to install and use it in my MCE addicted household …

The connection to my WiFi network, my PCs and Laptops around the house went as planned … very smooth … It automatically connected to my wife’s XP laptop for the happy vacation pictures, my XP laptop for the better music experience :p and with the Vista RTM no problemo at all for some other music and video. It also pops up nicely in my Network Map on Vista …. 

I just tried to shoot a little movie about the installation, connection and sharing of content but my Microsoft Lifecam doesn’t have Vista drivers yet :p

So I will prep the shoot later today or tomorrow on new years day …..